On a daily basis, we assist in the design and development of laboratory research projects involving mail and internet surveys.
  • Print, collate, and prepare mail questionnaires
  • Receive, log-off, code, and data enter mail questionnaires
  • Send out internet surveys
  • Analyze results of surveys
  • Answer any questions that participants may have regarding the questionnaire or project
  • Publish various annual reports, technical reports, user-friendly reports, and peer-reviewed articles

Lab Pics

“ Being a part of HDCLEL has several benefits. We are constantly exposed to different projects and whether your focus is on turkeys, fish, or people, there is always something new to learn about. We are encouraged to participate in volunteer opportunities and we are able to attend conferences. This allows us to be practice our presentation skills, present our research among our peers, and develop professional contacts outside of MSU.”

--- Susan Baker, grad student

“The lab provides the desirable working environment to focus and get work done. I am exposed to hands-on opportunities to develop necessary skills to be successful with my research. Diversity is also very important to HDCLEL. As a minority, the lab helped me easily transition into my graduate program. HDCLEL is a great family to be part of. Everyone works together here. It’s my home away from home.”

---Vanessa Oquendo, grad student

“The atmosphere is great. It’s relaxing and interesting but there are always plenty of projects to keep me busy. It feels rewarding to know that I am helping to complete projects and further HD research.”

---Sarah, student worker

“ It’s a laid-back working environment.”

---Mallory, student worker

“It is a privilege to have a job at the lab because I work with a lot of great people, and the relaxed environment is ideal for working as well as studying. ”

---Nathan, student worker